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    Audit and assurance

    Friend Partnership provide audit and assurance services to a large number of clients, and we pride ourselves on our high quality, client focused advice.


    Audited accounts provide valuable and reliable information to external organisations such as banks, HM Revenue & Customs and other parties who may use your statutory accounts to make financial decisions.

    Choosing a firm of accountants that believe in a carefully considered and appropriate audit approach is therefore essential to ensure that this publicly available information is prepared and presented correctly.

    Friend Partnership adopts an individually tailored audit approach for each of our clients, ensuring that all client specific circumstances are taken into consideration in setting the audit strategy.

    Other forms of assurance

    In addition to audit services, we provide clients with other forms of assurance as well as practical advice including:

    • The preparation of unaudited accounts.
    • Independent reports on the accuracy of previous statutory accounts.
    • Specific “agreed upon procedures” testing on a particular area of your business.

    The Friend Partnership audit and assurance team is also experienced in providing independent opinions in relation to completion accounts, service charge accounting and many other reports.

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