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    Transaction services

    Friend has a market-leading reputation for its transaction services and financial due diligence capabilities. We undertake investigations on behalf of acquiring clients, investors and banks to varying levels of detail. We are on the preferred list of “pre-lend” due diligence for a number of the major UK banks, a position typically only enjoyed by the large multinational advisers.

    Transaction Services

    We offer a comprehensive range of transaction support and due diligence services, such as:

    • Acquisition due diligence
    • Vendor due diligence
    • Technology due diligence

    The Friend Partnership approach

    We don’t believe in a standard scope of work, but instead adopt a risk-based approach tailored to the requirements of each engagement.? We hold discussions with investors and management and review the information available to identify the key risk areas of the transaction.

    This approach means that our work is prioritised towards these areas, and ensures that potential issues or “deal-breakers” are identified as early as possible, which guarantees that the end-users receive a focused report.

    Our transaction services team is made up of senior personnel with many years’ experience performing transaction based work in the largest six accountancy firms.

    We pride ourselves on guaranteeing a high level of partner and director involvement in each engagement.? This ensures that you are given the best quality “no surprises” advice.

    The Friend Partnership transaction services team is experienced in reporting to banks, investors and other institutions, with the ability to react quickly to changes in information, deadlines or areas of focus.

    Expert Corporate Finance Services Birmingham

    If you would like to get in touch and find out more about our transaction services or any of our other corporate finance services please?contact us here.

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