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    Corporate recovery and turnaround

    Friend Partnership provides a wide variety of corporate recovery and turnaround services to companies, their management teams, shareholders and financial institutions. Our role can take many forms, from a hand holding exercise during difficult times to a comprehensive business review, restructuring and refinancing.

    Corporate Recovery Services

    We provide independent, objective and high-value business advice for our clients’ benefit in short, we act as an independent trusted advisor to our clients.

    We pride ourselves on providing professional, insightful advice to the management and stakeholders of underperforming and financially distressed businesses.

    Our team comprises highly experienced individuals from diverse backgrounds.

    Friend advise and assist on implementing appropriate turnaround solutions.

    By working with management we ensure that there is a workable roadmap in place to achieve an improvement in operating and financial performance. Our advice may involve:

    • Financial restructuring, with fund raising and a refinancing of the debt and equity structures of a business
    • Business disposal, ideally through a trade sale but unfortunately sometimes administration is the only option
    • Change in management, often with an interim turnaround expert brought in to stabilise situations

    Each situation requires its own bespoke solution and will often be a combination of many initiatives.

    Expert Financial Services Birmingham

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