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    At Friend Partnership we adopt a holistic approach to the delivery of our tax compliance and tax planning services.

    Taxation Services

    We do not consider one tax in isolation or tax separately from the commercial and practical issues facing our clients. We examine all factors to ensure that our tax solutions are right for each of our clients. We have long term relationships with clients and we are constantly reviewing our planning solutions with them to ensure that they remain effective with changing personal and business circumstances.

    We deal with routine tax compliance work right through to complex tax planning assignments which may cover many taxes and different tax jurisdictions.

    Our tax team members work closely with other colleagues within Friend Partnership to ensure that our tax support is practical and commercial – the overarching aim is always to ensure that tax liabilities are minimised and deferred wherever possible.

    We follow a personal and ‘hands on’ approach to the delivery of our tax services. We work closely with our clients to fully understand their personal and business aspirations. We assist them to identify the key commercial and practical issues and devise tax solutions to address the challenges which arise. The planning we put in place will enable them to realise their goals and maximise their personal and business wealth and get on with their lives.

    Our individual and commercial approach to tax enables us to deliver proactive tax support and planning which is bespoke, practical and above all robust.

    Expert Taxation Services Birmingham

    If you would like to get in touch and find out more about our taxation services please contact us here.

    CSfD Case Study
    CSfD case study

    CSfD?is a leader in management software, offering a range of integrated IT & software solutions to support businesses of all sizes with their logistics and distribution requirements. Key industry sectors are food service, pharmaceuticals and military. Friend Partnership supports CSfD with specialist tax advice.

    Formed in 1990, CSfD underwent an MBO in 2013. One of the directors involved in the MBO, Helen Henshaw, explains more about the company and the relationship with Friend.

    ‘Reinvention and innovation is crucial to CSfD, we are continually seeking to innovate and bring up to date solutions to our customers so they can access the latest technology in as risk-free and as beneficial method as possible.

    ‘We had started using the R&D tax credit system to help fund this innovation, but the relationship with our provider was proving to be quite expensive and the relationship wasn’t quite gelling. A client contact introduced us to Friend and Simon Littlejohns and, from this point onwards, it has been much less onerous and far better value for money. Simon simplified it all for us, handled all communications with HMRC and secured the tax rebates. The funds secured by Simon through the R&D tax credit scheme are ploughed back into CSfD to fund our ongoing programme of innovation.’


    ‘Working with Simon has been a great triumph. He has a nice approach and is informed without being pushy. He is now our tax specialist and his work has gone beyond R&D matters. In fact he recently helped us to resolve a situation with a loan that arose as part of the MBO. The loan was recognised on the company’s balance sheet and was having a material effect on the balance sheet value. Simon got a quick grasp of the situation, was very thorough and gave a definitive opinion and advice.’

    Find out more about CSfD and its management software solutions at www.csfd.com

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