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    International tax

    The Friend Partnership client base includes many companies and individuals with international connections.

    International Tax Services

    We act for UK companies which are subsidiaries of overseas parents and those with interests and activities in overseas jurisdictions.

    With international clients it is vital that we give them a seamless service so that worldwide tax liabilities are identified, and managed with appropriate planning, with the help of our professional contacts in other jurisdictions.

    Tax input is also important for individuals who may be crossing international borders in their personal and business lives.

    We have in depth experience of the North American market place where we have many clients and professional contacts.

    The Friend Partnership tax team deals with the following:


    • Structuring – inbound and outbound
    • Acquisitions and disposals
    • Transfer pricing
    • Withholding tax mitigation


    • Moving abroad
    • Moving to UK
    • Non – domiciled individuals
    • Short term assignments

    Expert Taxation Services Birmingham

    If you would like to get in touch and find out more about our international tax services please contact us here.

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