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    Theatre and cultural tax reliefs

    The Creative Industry Tax Reliefs are designed to encourage film making, television program production and other cultural activities to take place in the UK. Friend Partnership has helped several West End theatre companies and production companies to secure valuable tax relief.

    Theatre and Cultural Tax Reliefs

    Tax reliefs are available for companies which are directly involved in the production of:

    • Films
    • high-end television
    • children’s television
    • animation television
    • video games
    • theatrical productions
    • orchestral concerts
    • museum or gallery exhibitions

    The main features of the relief are:

    • Enhanced corporation tax deduction for certain production costs.
    • Where such an enhanced deduction gives rise to a loss, that loss can be surrendered in return for an immediate tax credit equal to 25% of the loss.

    Friend Partnership has created specific accounting and audit procedures to assist in the calculation and claiming of reliefs. We are particularly conscious that speed is of the essence and pride ourselves on being able to obtain the relevant relief more quickly than other firms.

    We have also dealt with many challenges from HMRC on the availability of the relief and the value of underlying claims.

    Please see our guide for further detail.

    If we can assist you with your Creative Industry Tax Relief claim or if you’d like to find out more about our theatre and cultural tax relief services please contact our tax partner, David Gillies, here.

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